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Kulwinder Kaur

My name is Kulwinder, I am the founder and CEO of Harveys Fashion House and currently living in the UK. Harveys Fashion House is an online jewellery store with around 15 thousand active customers. We pride ourselves on our positive customer support and service, which is why we were awarded the Oracle Award for the best jewellery company. Harveys Fashion House enjoys a lot of fame and popularity in the jewellery industry for what it delivers; however, it did not use to be like this a couple of years back.


Born and raised in a rather conservative village in India where females were denied education and were only expected to be wed and housewives for their husbands, I consider myself a very lucky and fortunate girl who got the opportunity to pursue basic education. However, even after my early education, I did not stand a chance against the pressing societal demands and I almost succumbed to the burden of this pressure until I had my first baby boy. Although very small, this little bundle of joy sparked an enormous fire in my heart which I knew I had to keep burning for my family.

About us

How it all started

I did not know what or how but I had the sudden urge of doing something extraordinary for myself and my family. This is when I got the idea of starting my own business. Because of very little market exposure and an extreme lack of resources, I had to think of something that I could manage from the premises of my home. Since my early childhood, I had always been fond of jewellery, and hence it was the first thing that came running to my mind when I thought of my own setup. After countless hours of browsing the internet, I discovered this business had a lot of potential, especially in the sub-continent region.


I started with only a few boxes which I packed myself and sold to some people in my neighborhood. I yearned to go out into the market and expand my business. However, I quickly realized that the market was saturated with countless businesses that have been delivering the same products for decades. I stood no chance against them. I knew I had to produce and deliver something different to earn a name for myself. And so, I worked tirelessly on my brand, looking for sponsors and making a team to work with. Because of my family and especially my son, I did not get any time during the day for myself. Therefore, I used to spend the nights working all night till early dusk until I had to look after my family again. After scores of sleepless nights and hard work, I started getting orders from clients and with my growing number of orders, my confidence and motivation grew even more, and in November 2022, I got the fruit for my efforts in the form of an award from the Oracle Awards.


Harveys Fashion House has grown remarkably since then and with each passing milestone, I hope I prove to be an inspiration for other people. This journey although tough, has been an expounding one. It taught me that enough passion and hard work can lead a person to do the impossible and unimaginable things in life. Furthermore, it would be selfish to claim that I did all this alone, all of this would not have been possible without the endless support of my family and my hardworking team. We all have struggled and grown together as a family. Finally, to all the young and confused people, the only person stopping you from your dream is yourself.

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