indian jewellery with western outfits

7 Mesmerizing Ways to Incorporate Indian jewellery into Western Outfits


Indian jewellery holds a special place in every woman’s heart, and its charm transcends borders. Traditionally reserved for ethnic wear, Indian jewellery is now finding its way into indo-western and western outfits, creating a sensational fusion of fashion. The right blend of Indian jewellery with western ensembles can elevate your style, making a bold fashion statement that reflects your personality.

1. Choker with White Shirts: Redefining Casual Elegance

White shirts, once considered purely formal, have taken on a new avatar with the addition of Indian jewellery. Celebrities have popularized the trend of pairing white shirts with golden chokers or statement necklaces, transforming the look into a chic and casual ensemble. For a stylish and modest touch, pair your white shirt with a floral skirt and a complementing choker set.

2. Golden Bangles: Elevating Sophistication

Gone are the days when bracelets were the only choice for western outfits. Golden bangles have now replaced them, exuding elegance and panache. Stack up golden bangles with jeans, skirts, or dresses to create a stunning fashion statement. Ensure your outfit remains monochrome to keep the focus on the bangles.

3. Statement Necklaces: The Art of Subtle Glamour

Artificial statement necklaces are the latest trend, blending seamlessly with blazers and crop tops. The allure of traditional motif designs on black metal or kundan necklaces adds a touch of sophistication to off-shoulder gowns and plain shirts. When adorning a statement necklace, opt for minimal makeup to let the necklace shine as the hero of your look.

4. Silver Chain for One-Piece Dresses: The Monochrome Magic

A long silver chain beautifully complements one-piece dresses, especially those in monochrome colors. For a striking indo-western look, wear a silver chain with a pendant set featuring traditional motifs. Embrace the boldness of this style and carry it confidently.

5. Long Earrings or Jhumkas: Graceful Party Ensembles

For parties and special occasions, pair a dark-colored little dress, like the little black dress, with long earrings or oxidized jhumkas. Offering a touch of shadow to your eyes and subtle lip colors will make you look stunning and captivating.

6. Go Boho with Silver and Oxidized jewellery

When in doubt, silver and oxidized jewellery come to the rescue. These versatile accessories complement both indo-western and complete western outfits. Whether you opt for necklaces, finger rings, or dazzlers, silver jewelry adds a touch of boho-chic to your attire, creating a unique and fashionable look.

7. Cropped Jeans and Anklets: Modern Twist to Traditional Anklets

Anklets, a traditional Indian jewellery , can be modernized by pairing them with cropped jeans. Opt for anklets with colorful pendants or unique patterns that perfectly match ankle-length jeans or side-slit dresses. Wearing wedges will ensure the anklets are showcased beautifully. For a heightened look, try a wide and heavy silver anklet with traditional motif designs.

Glitter Earrings: Minimalistic Elegance

For a touch of sparkle in your western outfits, opt for glittery statement earrings. They offer a minimal yet stunning look that works well with both formal and casual wear. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to match different outfits and occasions.

Conclusion: A Harmonious Blend of Indian and Western Fashion

Indian jewellery brings an unparalleled elegance and allure to any outfit, be it traditional or western. By creatively combining Indian jewelry with western ensembles, you can achieve a harmonious fusion of fashion that truly reflects your individuality. From extravagant boho-chic looks to minimalistic elegance, modern Indian jewellery designs offer an array of options to complement your western attire for various occasions or casual wear. Embrace the charm of Indian jewelry and embrace your unique style.

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