Amrita Multi Hand Piece


Matching drop earrings dangle and sway as you move, catching the light with each flick of your hair, and every turn of your head- Amrita Multi Hand Piece.

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This Amrita Multi Hand Piece lightweight set makes every day feel like a special occasion. Real diamonds are not required; the cubic zirconia stones have all the glamor you need. Affordable yet extravagant, this set is proof that royalty comes in many forms. And today, it comes in the form of you.

Features of Amrita Multi-Hand Piece
This regal ensemble reigns supreme in any jewelry box. The glittering American diamonds dazzle with the radiance of real gems at a fraction of the price, ensuring this set offers royal luxury on a commoner’s budget. The choker necklace sits high and tight, embracing your neck in a lavish hug, while adjustable links let you choose how tightly it squeezes—whether you prefer a gentle caress or a possessive grip.

Benefits of Amrita Multi-Hand Piece

Despite its silver-tone majesty, this set remains a lightweight lady-in-waiting ready to adorn you for special occasions or add flair to your everyday. Why reserve its splendor solely for state dinners when it so clearly deserves a permanent place at court? Offer your neck and ears a chance at the throne with this dazzling display of faux finery.

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Amrita Multi Hand Piece