Jadau Hair Accessories


Steeped in Indian heritage, these Jadau hair accessories are wearable works of art.

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Bring a touch of old-world beauty and elegance to your hair with these exquisite Jadau Hair Accessories. These intricate headpieces feature traditional ‘jadau’ work, which involves the careful setting of precious gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds with lustrous pearls. Wearing these unique Jadau Hair Accessories is an homage to centuries of Indian culture and heritage—the perfect accessory for special occasions.


Skilled artisans embed vibrant gemstones and luminous pearls into intricate gold settings using techniques perfected over centuries. Rubies as red as the setting sun, emeralds like verdant jungle canopies, and sapphires evoking twilight skies—each stone is thoughtfully chosen and placed to harmonize with the overall design. Whether adorning a bride’s tresses or accenting a special occasion ensemble, these accessories signify tradition, celebrate culture, and embody elegance. Their elaborate motifs and a rainbow of gemstones transport you to Mughal palaces of old while grounding you in the present.

More than mere ornaments, they are living history, a tangible connection to a storied past. These heirloom-quality pieces illuminate the beauty of custom and the splendor of craftsmanship that stand the test of time.

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Jadau Hair Accessories